Video Lectures

The content of each module in the Islamic Studies degree programme is taught through a series of e-learning videos.

Each module has around 25 lessons and each lesson is complimented by e-learning videos which follow through the lesson plan of the module to teach the general course curriculum. The video content is made available on a weekly basis following the availability of the lesson.

All content for the videos has been carefully devised prior to the recordings to ensure the teachings are aligned to the module objectives. Furthermore the teaching methods in the e-learning video follow the general standards of e-learning education to ensure students remain engaged and active during the lesson study.

To provide flexibility to the student, the e-learning videos can be downloaded to the local computer or can be viewed by streaming the content online.

The content in the videos is taught by some of the leading scholars and Western educators of the Islamic world renowned for their ability to teach Islam at an Academic level.


Semester 5 module video – Purification of the Soul by Sheikh Sad bin Nasr Ash-Sethri


Semester 2 module video – Authority of the Sunnah by Sheikh Jamal Zarabozo