Tuition Fees 

KIU is a non-profit university founded on the belief of spreading the knowledge and promoting the value of teaching. As such the university is striving hard to reduce the cost of tuition without compromising the quality of education so that studying at KIU is accessible to all.

Current Rates

– Application fees $50 USD

– Full time students (13-21 credit hours per semester ): $975 USD  per semester

– Study one course module: $225 USD. module will run during term time.

Scholarship Entitlement

KIU understands that the fees may be  difficult for some students. As such, these students are encouraged to apply for the 50% scholarship thereby entitling the student to study the entire semester for half the stated price.

Furthermore those students who are in hardship and cannot afford to pay for their tuition are encouraged to apply for a full shcolarship. Please note a background check and references may be required.

Study one course module at 50% scholarship (3 credit hours): $105 USD

To apply for a scholarship please send an email to helpdesk