Study Overview

The online BA degree programme in Islamic Studies is made up of 8 semesters. In each academic year 2 semesters are taught. Each semester runs for 13 weeks (3 months) and comprises of 5 to 6 modules. Please review the syllabus by semester table to see the modules covered each semester.

Upon successful completion of the enrolment process the student is provided with a University username and password to access the online student portal. The online portal provides the student access to all the resources and material needed to study each module.

Each module is broken down into lessons which are made available on a weekly basis. Each lesson is supported by e-learning videos following the course curriculum and at the end of each video there is a multiple choice assessment.  Students will be provided all the relevant reading material for each module but some modules in later semesters may expect students to purchase the required material.

Each module has an assigned Instructor to help the student through the study process. KIU is privileged to have some of the leading duaat supporting this function. Furthermore to support the learning process each module has one set assignment. These assignments will be completed and submitted in word doc/pdf format for the course instructor to mark.

A series of live online interactive sessions are made available for each module spread throughout the semester. In the live sessions the students have the opportunity to ask questions about what they have studied that week and the teacher will also have opportunity to elaborate on any issues that may be more difficult to comprehend.

There are also online forums for students to share, comment or collaborate on the subject they are studying.

At the end of the semester the students sit a final exam for each module.

In summary each module comprises of:

  • 25-30 recorded videos provided in segments per lesson on a weekly basis.
  • Course text provided in PDF format
  • Online multiple choice questions each week
  • A written assignment marked by the course instructor
  • A series of live sessions with the course instructor (the sheikh assigned to the module)
  • Access to the module forums allowing students to collaborate and ask questions to the teacher
  • A final exam taken at an affiliated centre and supervised by an invigilator.

Currently semester 1 is made up of the following subjects:

Tajweed 1Arabic 1Introduction to AqeedahEvolution of FiqhAdaab