Study A Course

Option to Study an Individual course

The Online Degree in Islamic Studies comprises many well structured course modules which in their own right provide great value and benefit. There are several attractive courses on offer taught by leading educators and scholars. These modules may be studied separately from the degree programme. This is a great option for individuals who do not have the time to take on a full time degree but would like to study specific subjects.

Please refer to the course offerings page for further information on the courses available.

Each course module is made of:

– 26 recorded lecture videos with multiple choice questions after each video
– 6 Live sessions with the Lecturer allowing the student to directly interact with the lecturer
– The set course material in English
– Set assignments to assist in developing and applying the material that has been taught
– Discussion forum – participation with the Lecturer and fellow students
– Final Exam

Upon successful completion of a course module, the student is credited with 3 credit hours (a full semester is made up of 15-20 credit hours).

On a 50% scholarship such a course module will cost the student a fee as low as $105 USD.