Live Sessions

Knowledge International University has invested heavily in providing the students the best e-learning tools technology has to offer.

As part of the Islamic Studies Degree Programme students are provided the opportunity to meet online with their teaching instructor once a fortnight in a virtual classroom. The virtual classroom technology is provided by Blackboard (formerly Elluminate) a very sophisticated e-learning collaboration tool with many useful features conducive of effective online learning.

The purpose of the live session is to provide the students the opportunity to interact with the instructor live. Students have the platform to ask any questions they may have and share their understanding of what has been covered leading up to that period. Furthermore the teaching instructor has the opportunity to reach out to students and ask them questions to gauge their level of understanding and if necessary he may elaborate on any topics that may require further explanations.

Interaction between students and the teacher is through the use of microphones or a chat screen if that suits the individuals better. Furthermore to enhance the learning process, the instructor has an online whiteboard facility through which he can work through a presentation or even simply demonstrate any example of what he may be discussing.

All live sessions are recorded so that the students may return and recap anything important that was covered.


Semester 6 Arabic Lesson taught by Sh Yassir Farzaga


Live Session with Sh Jamal Zarabozo