The English based degree offered by KIU is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Islamic Studies. It is a 4 year degree programme made up of 8 semesters. Each semester runs for 13 weeks (3 months). Each academic year comprises two semesters running in the academic terms of Spring and Autumn. Please refer to the Academic Timetable for the schedule. Full time students may expect to cover between 15-20 credit hours per semester (between 5 and 6 subjects are taught per semester).

The objective of the Online Degree in Islamic Studies is to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic faith according to the Quran and Sunnah. Under the leadership and supervision of our scholars like Sheikh Saad Ash-Shethri, a great deal of effort has been made to ensure the degree programme is academically well structured with a comprehensive syllabus that covers all the important subjects using classical texts such as aqeedah attahaweeyah, luma’atul ‘i’tiqaad and madaarij asSaalikeen.