How It Works

The educational strategy applied at KIU is based on the following two principles:

1) Distance Learning

The student receives his/her basic text books in Pdf format along with a syllabus and a self-study guide identifying the most important aspects of the curriculum when he/she registers for a course. Lectures covering the complete curriculum are available in video and audio format delivered by the faculty of KIU. Live sessions with the professors or teaching assistants are a regular feature of each course to ensure that the student has gained the correct understanding of both the theory and practice of the subject. Students will also be tested on the material they acquire through either continuous assessment methods and or periodic methods. Written assignments and course examinations will also be required for overall student assessment.

Academic delivery is made through the Internet Learning Management System of the KIU which includes an advanced virtual educational system (Elluminate) which provides active student counseling and academic assistance to ensure the optimum educational achievement possible by KIU students in their chosen fields of study.

2) Innovative Education

The role of the virtual classroom distance learning program is to continuously assess the student’s progress in order to gauge his/her learning needs within the field of education. The live sessions with faculty and staff provide an opportunity to utilize the student’s practical skills. Consequently, the supervisors of the program have devised a general educational plan designed to maximize the student’s achievements and hone his/her skills in a positive learning environment of studies and research.


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