Assessment is an important part of the degree programme and very necessary to evaluate the competency level of the student. It is also a useful mechanism for the university to measure its teaching ability and refine education methods where necessary.

For every module taught in the Islamic Studies Degree programme various forms of assessment are conducted.

For every lesson completed in a module (after watching the weekly e-learning videos and reading material) the students are required to complete a short time based multiple choice test usually comprising of 5 questions. These multiple choice tests are conducted entirely online and the marks for each test contribute towards the final grade.

Students are also required to complete one or two written assignments for every module. Set assignments are typed up and submitted electronically to the teaching instructor. The assignments are set and marked by the teaching instructors for the respective modules.

The assignments deadline is usually towards half term or at the end of the term and assignments also contribute towards the final grade.

At the end of the semester the students are expected to site one final exam per module assessing all topics covered during the course of the term. The final exam is also multiple choice and conducted online. However the exam must be taken at an affiliated centre and supervised by an invigilator.

The table below summarises the general evaluation scheme of all courses

Session Tests
Mis Term Exam
Final Exam
AttendancePass Mark


A multiple choice test for a free course provided by KIU