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The death of Sheikh Nasser Al-Shathri

In the name of Allah the Most Benevolent, the Most Merciful... With hearts content with Allah’s decree and pleased with His Divine wisdom, Knowledge International  University extends to its members and staff their sincere condolences [...]

Knowledge International University presents

A Special Tafseer course Taught by Sh Assim Al-Hakeem This special course is also launching as part of the KIU Online Islamic Studies Degree, however as part of a special promotion, the first half of [...]

KIU Deputy Vice Chancellor meets Sh Sudais

Earlier in the year prior to the start of the 2013 Spring semester, Shaikh Majed Bin Abdullah Aljuwair, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Knowledge International University, attended a ceremony at the Da'wah foundation in Makkah [...]

KIU Congratulates its first batch of KIU Students

Knowledge International University is proud to announce the graduation of its first batch of students for the English based Islamic Studies degree programme. It is indeed a historical moment for everyone involved after years of [...] decentralized the take my exam proctoring system to allow for the proctoring of exams from any preapproved proctor at any location in the world.

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