Shaikh Ahmad Wahab

Ahmad-Abdel-WahabShaikh Ahmad Abdel-Wahab, is of Egyptian descent and American nationality.  During his college years in America, he memorized the Qur’an, with Tajweed and mastery under the guidance of his noble teacher, Shaykh Muhammad al-Raaee. He received his Ijaaza in Quran from the noble Shaykh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, Shaykh al-Qurra' of the Prophet's Masjid..

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Islamic Law, from the Islamic University of Madina, as well as a Masters Degree in Fiqh from the same university, with a focus on Financial Transactions and Inheritance law.  He is doing his PhD in Fiqh, from the Islamic University in Madinah.

He studied Tafseer, Aqeedah, and Nahw with the noble Shaykh Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Ameen al-Shanqiti, Usool al-Fiqh with the noble Shaykh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar ibn Muhammad al-Ameen al-Shanqiti, and studied Fiqh in the classes of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti. He studied Maliki Fiqh with the noble Maliki scholar, Shaykh Mahfoozh Al-Ansari.

Currently, he is teaching in the Ijaaza Program in the Prophet’s Masjid as well as Fiqh and Tajweed classes with Knowledge International University.

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